Class 2


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Welcome to Year 2. Our aim is to to ensure a fun learning experience, building upon and extending the experiences they have had in Year 1 and the EYFS. 



Here you will find a copy of the Year 2 curriculum overview for Autumn 1. 



Important Dates



 Things to do at Home

Read, read, read! Reading is a vital skill for children to learn, opening up doors to their learning and a whole world of enjoyment. In class, reading really stretches the children's understanding of what they have read and they are asked to show that they can infer, predict and ask questions using evidence from the text to support their views. Reading in class is very challenging so reading for enjoyment is really important at home. Practising their skills with a slightly easier book will raise your child's confidence and move their reading on. Feel free to read alternatives to the reading book your child has taken home, e.g. a comic they enjoy, but please record this in their Reading Record book. Please encourage your child to add their own comments.

The new National Curriculum has very clear expectations for the end of Year 2. Some of these expectations were previously in the Year 3 curriculum, so any way you can help your child at home to work towards these is invaluable! Click here for a copy of the end of Year 2 expectations.


Click here to go to Phonics Play, a great site with many free to play phonics games. Use these to help improve your child's recognition of tricky words and quick grapheme recollection

Click here to go to Mathsphere, a site with some free maths worksheets for each year group.

Click here to go to a family learning website that has a variety of games related to the curriculum is a great site for numeracy and literacy games.

Click here for a great game to improve rapid recall of number bonds which is an important skill in Year 2.

Click here for a website with the SATs papers for 2016 and previous papers from before the new curriculum. These papers will be used to help your child to get used to the techniques for completing the SATs confidently and introduce them to how the test may look as we come nearer to the testing period. I would recommend that you DO NOT use the papers with your child yet as they will not have covered a lot of the content and will lose confidence. Use the site just to familiarise yourself with what the SATs may be like for your child.


Help your child learn their times tables by regularly practising at home. In year 2, the children are expected to know their 2, 5, 10 times tables and be able to count up in steps of 3. They are also expected to be able to tell the time in 5 minute intervals. Help your child by selecting a time for an event, e.g. we will go to do the shopping at half past one. Ask them to remind you when it is time to go. 

Click here for an online game that helps your child to practise their times tables.

Another resource you might find useful is Go-Givers which offers lots of ideas on how families can help children become caring and concerned young citizens, as well as advice on how to support children with common personal and social problems. There are games for your children to play too! Just follow this link:


Children will be given weekly spellings and homework. This will be based on work introduced in class. Spellings will be given out on Friday to be tested the following Friday. Homework will be given out on Wednesday to be handed in the following Monday.



We look forward to filling our gallery with photographs of all the exciting things we have done this half term.