Our School

At St Margaret Ward we encourage the children to celebrate their successes and achievements in all aspects of their lives, and we fully support them in their learning. This is reflected in our last Ofsted Inspection which once again judged our school to be 'OUTSTANDING'. We are a family who are open and honest, enjoy making and seeing progress, have fun in learning, and strive to do our very best. 

The teachings of Jesus are the inspiration for all that we do here and we try to ensure that each member of our community feels loved, cared for and valued for himself or herself. 

 Our Mission Statement

At St Margaret Ward we are all special and we want to grow to be good and kind people. We try to do our best in everything, just as Jesus showed us.

  • We are a Catholic school and we live in the love of God
  • Everyone in our school is special
  • We try to do our best in everything we do
  • We are proud of our school and always try to be kind and helpful to each other, doing our best to make school a cheerful and happy place
  • We try to put Jesus first, others next and ourselves last
  • We try to remember that everyone we meet is part of God’s family


Our Golden Rules
'Treat others as you would like to be treated' (Matthew 7:12)
We respect each other
We listen to each other
We are honest
We are kind and gentle
We say sorry and we forgive
We take care of our environment

Our children were asked to write their thoughts on 'Why we love our school.'

"My school is a lovely place because it is warm, special and welcome to all".   

 "I like my school because everybody shares and has fun."                       "We are all a big family."

"We have a lovely and kind school because we help each other and smile."  

"This school is amazing, in everything we do people are kind and help others."

       "The teachers always listen to my troubles. I love going on school trips and the clubs after school."

 "Our school is wonderful because we care about each other."       

 "My school is special because I have got kind and helpful friends."                    

          "In our school we consider others and we are kind, happy and we respect others."  

"This school is a good school because they look after you and let you have fun."        "The dinner is yummy."

           "This is a lovely school because we love to learn and we are kind, caring and loving."                      

                  "We have a big playground and grass and playthings and it is special."  

"We care for one another and we all love each other and we will welcome you if you feel lonely and we care and we don't say negative words."        

"There are lovely people and all the people are so amazing and so are the lovely teachers that so kind."

"It is a welcoming school and everybody loves it.  They make good friends and all of the teachers are the best and it couldn't be a better school."                 

"My school is special because we are happy."